No one wants to receive a negative review online, and the reality is that no business is immune to the potential of receiving one.

Not if your business deals with people in any way, shape, or form.

We all know that positive reviews are so important in offering social proof to prospective customers and clients considering investing in working with you.

A negative review can actually help you as well. At the very least, it doesn't have to be completely damaging. 

Your response to a negative review is crucial, and helps set the tone for future readers of the review, i.e. prospective customers and clients.

Take a look at today's video. I talk about a few things to keep in mind, and I outline the LATTE method that I discovered in The Power of Habit (link below) to help guide you in crafting a meaningful response.


The LATTE method is the way Starbucks trained its employees to respond to customer complaints. I think that having a guide like this is so helpful in taking some of the stress out of the whole I-just-received-my-first-negative-review-online-and-am-totally-freaking-out situation.

Basically, LATTE is a clever acronym:

Listen. It is so important to truly listen to what your client is saying. Take what they are saying to heart, but don’t take it personally.

Acknowledge their complaint.

Take action to solve the problem. Here’s where you have the opportunity to make it right for your clients and future clients. If you are responding to a post online or following up on negative feedback you’ve received individually, you might let them know of a new policy that you are implementing to prevent the problem from occurring again. The important thing is that you follow through with whatever action you decide on.

Thank them. Genuinely thank them for their feedback. All reviews, even negative ones can open your eyes to something you'd like to change in your business. This feedback is valuable.

Explain why the problem occurred. Keep this as brief and to the point as possible.

One great thing about using a tool like the LATTE method is that you don't only have to use it when responding publicly to a negative review online, but you can also use it as a guide when responding to negative feedback that a client or customer gives you privately. 

Your clients are savvy, they don't expect you to be perfect all the time.

They do, however, expect you to be accountable and willing to make things right whenever you can. Knowing that you have something to help guide you through the process can make it a whole lot less stressful. 

Have you ever received a negative review online? What did you find helpful in creating your response? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep doing what you love.

P.S. If you haven't already read The Power of Habit, I recommend that you add it to your reading list.